In the Classroom

I am offering bespoke one-to-one language classes tailored to your needs:

English for foreigners - £20 per hour (60 minutes) for one-to-one, £25 per hour for group classes

Spanish - £15-£25 per hour, depending on the level (e.g. “holiday Spanish” will be cheaper than preparing for GCSEs or A-level exams)

German - £15-£25 per hour, as above

Polish - £15-£25 per hour, as above

I am more than happy to work with your chosen book - but I am a great believer in thinking outside the box and using more entertaining resources as well. In my opinion, in order to really learn a language and be confident when speaking you need to immerse yourself in the culture – we’ll be watching YouTube clips, sing songs and doing role play to help you with that. But please don’t worry – your homework and exams will always be a priority!